zondag 14 augustus 2011

This isn't really a post, teehee

Hello dear world,

I've just returned from my holiday in Berlin (it was awesome, really awesome!) and today it's my birthday! Hurray! I'll keep it short for now, but I will create a post about Berlin later. I've bought some cool stuff and I've got a lot of cool pictures. Just wait. :3

With love,

dinsdag 19 juli 2011

Hello dear world!

It's vacation, but I don't really enjoy it. To tell you the truth, I'm really, really, really bored and the weather is horrible too. I'm spending my time watching anime, some '90 series (My so-called life), and ofcourse drawing. My friend, Aliecha, who lives at the other side of the country, was here last week. I had a great time and I want to thank her for the nice memories. Well, this is going to be a boring post, so I'll post the drawings I made to make it less dull.

With love,
I z a

vrijdag 8 juli 2011

Hurray! Here we go! The historical, great, awesome, mumbling first post! Monsieur Mumble is finally born! He's awake! All hail Monsieur Mumble! I'm sorry, I need to calm down.

D e a r   v i s i t o r .

'What the fuck is this?' is a nice question that I would like to answer in this very first post. This, is a blog. It's called Monsieur Mumble. No, I'm not French, I'm Dutch. No, I'm not a monsieur, I'm a madame. So, why is it called Monsieur Mumble? It sounds cool, in my opinion, and I'm trying to make a coolish blog. Another great question would be 'Who the fuck are you?'. The answer is Iza. That's who I am. The third, and (sadly?) last question: 'why the fuck did you create this blog?'. That's a good one.

It was a very nice day. Everyone was friendly, my mom cooked my favorite meal and my grades from this year turned out to be perfect. I like to use these days for doing something which isn't pointless as all the other things I do. So I created a blog, inspired by a friend who is active on another blog-related site. I wanted to start a blog filled with everything that's going on inside my brain, thrown down on this piece of the world wide web. With a lot of selfmade drawings, that I like to share with all of you. How deep.

Well, that's the first post, and before you know we are already at the second one! You'll always have something to look forward to, that's the good thing about blogging. I hope to see you soon,

With love,